The renter must sign an Event Contract (which contains your final menu). StandPoint Event Center must receive a signed copy of the Event Contract with the Credit Card Authorization form attached to secure your event space. The deposit amount is based on total room rental costs and will be listed in your Event Agreement.

Food & Beverage Policy
All food and beverages served on Standpoint Event Center property must be approved.  Due to the state health code, no remaining food or beverage may be removed from the premises.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol may be served at the StandPoint Event Center. Service and consumption of alcohol is allowed only in the Banquet Room – not in the hallways, restrooms, front entrance or parking lot. Alcohol can only be dispensed to persons 21 years of age or
older who are attending the event for which the beverage is being served. Valid
identification may be requested of any person at any time during your event.
All parties consuming alcohol must conform to all City and State liquor laws.

If the contract holder chooses to serve champagne toast, they are restricted to one bottle per table. Anything more, or any other alcoholic beverages served will be considered a violation of the policy.

Alcoholic beverages may be served at StandPoint Event Center Banquet Room. Alcohol service must be contracted through a licensed caterer whose alcohol service certificate is in good standing.

When alcohol is being served via an open or cash bar, the services Coordinator will hire a Robbinsdale’s police officer to work the event. The contract holder will be assessed a fee for the police officer (see current fee schedule). The police officer will be at your event for the last four hours of the event until the last person leaves on Fridays and Saturdays and the last 2 hours of the event on Sundays – Thursdays. If the end of the event extends
beyond times stated in the general rules/contract, an additional hourly fee will be charged.
Violation of these rules may result in the denial of future
contracts for use of StandPoint and/or may result in the forfeiture of all
deposit money. Events can be ended at the discretion of the City for policy
and/or contract violations. Denial of use does not exempt violators from
possible civil or criminal prosecution under applicable City ordinances, State
or Federal laws.

Deposit & Payment Schedule
At the time of booking, – A signed event contract and Credit Card Authorization form are due to secure your space. Weddings require a deposit of the wedding package with the signed contract also. All deposits are non-refundable if the event is canceled. We accept Cash, Cashier’s Checks, Money Order, or Credit Card.

Decorating Guidelines
StandPoint Event Center does not allow renters to use staples, nails, or tape to hang decorations on the walls and must prohibit open flames inside the building. Please speak with your sales Department about any policy questions.